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All-Pro Tacoma Bed Compressor Box Mounts - 2005-2018

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All-Pro Off-Road's Toyota Tacoma Bed Compressor Box Mount is an innovative upgrade allowing you to easily mount an ARB compressor in your truck's inner bedside. This easy-to-install aluminum box takes the place of the factory driver side inner bed storage box. Choose between maintaining factory appearance by using the original bed box bezel or upgrading to All-Pro’s steel door and bezel with cam latches or locking latches. Bolt-on design requires no cutting unless using factory bezel. 

Boxes are made from 1/8" thick 5052 aluminum and doors are made from 11-gauge steel. Boxes and doors are both black powder-coated. These boxes can even be used without a compressor installed to achieve a stronger and more secure storage upgrade to the factory box. 

A variety of ARB compressors are available to fit your needs. 

  • CKSA12: Compact and quiet compressors specifically designed for Air Locker activation. 
  • CKMA12: High Output compressor for Air Locker activation, fast tire inflation, and a range of other on-board air needs.
  • CKMTA12/24: Maximum Output twin motor compressor for Air Locker activation, fast tire inflation, and suitable for many air tools when used with an air tank. Available in 12V or 24V configurations. 

You will also receive the appropriate Extended Harness for ARB Compressors when you order an ARB Air Compressor with your Compressor Bed Box Mount.  The short wiring harnesses that come with ARB compressors make them difficult to mount in the bed of your truck. At roughly 18' long, making this the longest on the market, All-Pro's Extended ARB Harnesses make installation simple. 

Each harness comes standard with wiring for both compressor and locker solenoids. Another bonus is that the compressor harnesses include an integrated switch circuit that allows you to mount a rocker switch in the bed, the cab, or both to control the compressor. Both switches are independent of one another so the compressor can be turned on even if the other switch is in the “ OFF” position. Switches are not included. 

The harness is supplied with connectors already installed requiring no special tools to connect the harness to the compressor. Wiring is appropriately sized for voltage and amperage requirements for the corresponding compressor model. Only correct automotive grade wiring is used throughout. 

Note: The switch shown in the photographs is supplied only with the ARB compressor options.


  • 1/8" Thick 5052 Aluminum Box
  • 11-Gauge Steel Door and Bezel Pieces
  • Black Powder Coating 
  • Cam locks with Optional Master Keyed Locks
  • Available with Extended ARB Compressor Harnesses and ARB compressors
  • Compatible with Upgraded Steel Door or Factory Plastic Door
  • Manufactured by: All-Pro Off-Road

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