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WIDTH: 21.06” LENGTH: 33.27” HEIGHT: 11.02”

ONE of the drawers in the picture. Side fillers are optional. Outback Solutions modules can be installed into any application providing sufficient space and anchorage is present.

Unlike other roller drawer systems you are not limited to traditional roller drawer applications. Canopied / covered flat-beds, pickups, covered trailers, SUVs, vans, trucks, buses and sheds are just a few of the applications you might consider. Side floor kits are available for popular vehicles; however they are not mandatory fitment in any application.

General Configuration Options


All modules are able to be installed as a single unit into any application. Perfect for situations where both storage and full tub height are required. Mount rails are adjustable to facilitate easier installation. Bolt down with four 10mm bolts to meet ADR specs. Consideration must be given to under vehicle access. Temporary fuel tank removal may be required on some vehicles to gain sufficient access. Fitting times will vary based on preferred location and under vehicle fixtures. Cargo barriers cannot be fitted to a single module.

Double or Multi (side by side) All modules are able to mount side by side. Bolts and a unique rail joiner, retain modules together. Double modules require only two 10mm bolts per module. Put more than two modules together. Perfect for covered flat-beds, pickups and trailers.


All modules are stackable provided it's stacked:

a) On a fixed top drawer module.

b) On a module of the same width.

c) On a module of the same or longer length.

Stacker modules can be fitted or removed as needs change.

Optional short top floors are used when the lower module is longer than the stacker module.

  • Model: RD845
  • Manufactured by: ARB

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