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PROnetic CV Lasso


Breaking a CV Axle on the trail is no longer a nightmare! The CV Lasso allows you to safely remove your CV Axle without getting under the vehicle!

The PROnetic CV Lasso is manufactured with longevity, strength, and user safety in mind. With quality comes premium materials, our CV Lasso is manufactured using Plasma ® 12 strand Rope, and are precision spliced in the USA- The same rope used in our Moab Pro Synthetic Winch Line. The Eye of the CV Lasso features an abrasion resistant Cordura sleeve.

Plasma® Rope is the world’s strongest rope for its weight, which equates the line to being 85% lighter & 20-40% stronger than an equivalent steel cable. In addition, Plasma ® Rope retains considerably less kinetic energy than steel lines.

To Use the CV Lasso, slide the opening of the lasso over the CV axle and cinch it around the base of the inner CV Joint. Slide the eye end of the Lasso over the handle of a 5 lb sledge hammer and swing the hammer outward. The force of a couple blows will release the clip that secures the CV axle to the differential.


  • Made in the USA
  • Load Ratings, Manufacturing Date, & Inspection tags permanently attached to each CV Lasso.
  • No Metal Parts
  • High Strength: Minimum Breaking load 8,000 lbs, Working load 1,600 lbs
  • Cordura Eye Sleeve
  • Manufactured from Premium Plasma® 12-Strand Rope
  • 1/4" x 4 ft – Our extended length allows more working room- outside of the wheel well
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Floats
  • Does not produce burs.
  • Purple – Easily distinguished from other gear in your recovery bag
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

  • Model: 42eee548a5e9
  • Manufactured by: PROnetic

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